Monday, July 27, 2009

We Have Moved

We have completed the move of our website and blog. Please update your bookmarks if you are reading this. Our new blog can be found here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Braedon The Baby Tomato Muncher!... children's photography

So the weather in Tennessee is the best it could be today! A much welcomed cold front is pushing through which means instead of the usual summer heat being 95 degrees it is closer to 85 degrees and that is wonderful. It’s a shame to be indoors on such a beautiful day so I am sitting on the deck beside the tomato plants to work.

I’ve never had tomato plants, so you can image all the things I was thinking when I put the tiny seedlings into the soil and blessed them with cool drinks of H2O every morning. I’ve been thinking fresh tomato sandwiches and winter spaghetti with the big tomatoes that grow and use the cherry tomatoes (the ones I call baby) for zesty salads and home made salsa for my crunchy chips! Never once did I imagine the laughter they would bring as we watched our favorite neighbor mow through them like gum drops!

Braedon (3yrs old) pretty much has the popularity race wrapped up in our suburban cul-de-sac, along with his two cousin’s Samantha (also 3 yrs old) and Kailin (still toddlin'). It is such fun to hear Braedon yell “hello” as he runs toward us when he notices we are outside. (although I think Jason is his favorite)

Now that I know he loves baby tomatoes as much as he loves to play with my marble collection and run from Daisy the crazy dog I am sure baby tomatoes will continue to find their way into my summer garden for years to come.

Now, I wonder what I can find to plant for his cousins…

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rachel & Barry

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: Episode 3
One day last winter Rachel called wanting to talk about our wedding photography. I invited her over so we could sit at the kitchen table and get to know one another a little and she could thumb through our portfolio.

We had talked for a bit and Rachel had decided she definitely wanted us to shoot her wedding. I could tell she and I were hitting it off pretty quickly and I felt a seemingly kindred spirit with her from the very beginning, but wasn't sure exactly why.

As conversation grew about her plans for the wedding and I was noting the important beginning details she told me the location for the ceremony would be at the church she and Barry, her fiance, attend, New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro. "No kidding? Oh boy! We attend church there too!" It's a fairly large congregation, and we typically sit in the balcony so I figured they would probably never see us there. But when she told me they sit almost directly to our left each week I realized why I felt that closeness to her right from the very beginning! We've been elbow to elbow and didn't even realize it! Isn't that neato? Jay and I are so excited to be a part of Rachel and Barry's ceremony!

This beautiful couple will debut in their wedding attire with their family and wedding party this Fall. So, be watching, because Rachel is going to be one of the most beautiful brides ever!

Here are a few of our favorite engagement images!

They are another awesome reason why we do what we do!
I mean, after all.... SOMEONE has to do it, right?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lindsey & John

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch: Episode 2

(Please Note: The order that "Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch" episodes appear does not necessarily denote that particular episode's importance or sense of enjoyment for us! They are all a total blast and terrifically unique and entertaining! It's an awesome way to make a living! YEE HA!!)

We are looking so forward to October 10th! That's Lindsey and John's BIG DAY! We have already gotten to know them well enough to say with confidence that we are going to have a blast the day these love birds tie the knot! Such a fun couple to work with! And it is so obvious that they are absolutely crazy about one another. It's exciting! It's fun! And there's more to come! YAY!!

So, watch for future images of Lindsey and John as their wedding day at the Historic Oaklands House in Murfreesboro, Tennessee approaches. It's one of our favorite places to shoot in the fall. If you have not visited there yet, you should put it on your "to do" list. The huge oak tree's colorful fall foliage hug this beautiful Civil War era house which makes for an awesome bridal scene. And of course we will take full advantage of Mother Nature's offerings in October when Lindsey and John are decked out in their full wedding digs!

Just barely over 4 months away!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Did you hear that loud SCHREEEEETCH sound as you opened this blog?

I know, it's down right ridiculous how long it has been since the last post. I will admit that with the all consuming plans of our daughter's beautiful wedding I totally fell off the blog wagon and have had an enormous time getting back on. But I am here now and have made my new commitment to wordy exposures of Master Creations. After all, there's just too many good things going on around here!

I thought I would create one big blog reporting all the stuff that has happened since the beginning of April, but then on second thought figured that you are here because you are a blog reader not a novel connoisseur, so maybe I will post in segments. I plan to bring them to you one at a time until the past has been brought forward. I have to get off my keester and start posting quickly because the "here and now" will be in the past in just a moment. Aren't we all here to share and encourage one another while living our days? Then my goal is to share living through our photography blog! WOO HOO!! The fun is back!

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch: Episode 1

May 16, 2009

(Please Note: The order that "Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch" episodes appear does not necessarily denote that particular episode's importance or sense of enjoyment for us, although this one does!)

The all time most memorable day for us was May 16th, 2009. The most important, the most exciting, and by far the most nerve wrecking was with Sarah and Josh at The Cool Springs House in Brentwood, TN. Sarah just happens to be our daughter. But let me clarify that I am not old enough to have a daughter who is twenty-something and now a newly wed! You gotta believe she was born when I was eight years old!

How long did we plan for this wedding? More than a year. If you have planned your own daughter's beautiful wedding you understand me perfectly. If you are like I was until this past spring, one who has only experienced a wedding from behind a lens, please humor me here, since I can now say I truly understand why the Mother of the Bride tends to be so cranky on the big day! (Sorry moms, remember though, it's said with love and encouragement!)

It's outrageous how so many emotions can be pinned up in a moms heart that day! Excitement for the day, joy in seeing your daughter achieve her dream, nerves that everything will go as planned, and a sort of melancholy feeling because although you know it really is not the end of your life with her, somehow you know it will be different from this day forward. Not sad, just different.

Now for a few details:
Sarah's and Josh's outdoor wedding had a few wet spots in it. Ok, I'll tell it like it was...The weather was the pits! It started raining in the middle of April in Tennessee and didn't let up until the 17th of May! Not the 15th nor the 16th...Oh no! That would be too perfect! It had to be exactly one day past the most important wedding of the century! This years month of May was officially the 3rd wettest month in the entire history of the state of Tennessee! But who knew? Too bad we misplaced our almanac and never met up with Farmer Brown for a little heads up on weather. That would be too convenient and take the thrill out of the ride! Besides, who needs such details when there are cakes, colors and flower bouquets to choose?

As the day neared and the clouds grew darker we had half of Middle Tennessee and all of North Alabama praying for a sunshine. But as the 16th drew closer to we realized that eeking a dry ceremony would be a miracle! Believe it or not, miracle it was! But just by a gnats little wing! We were thankful as God held off the storm until after the "I do's". As soon as Josh kissed his bride and turn to exit with her, God simply removed his mighty hand from those monstrous rain clouds. It was actually pretty funny! Guest ran toward shelter like shoppers toward a sidewalk sale!

So... the rains came, and the thunder roared as it stole a bit of photographic opportunity but nothing could have been bigger than the most important, the most exciting, the most beautiful OH HAPPY DAY that could ever be captured through the lens of this momma's heart!

We all love her so. And just as I suspected, it is a little different now. But only because now... we all love THEM so. I'm very proud of my daughter Sarah, and very thankful the Lord has sent her a fine young man in Josh Elliott. He's already proven to be a keeper!

TAKE A PEEK AT THE GALLERY! If you need the password it is: josh

Oh, and couldn't resist including the below shots as well. They define my children so well!

"Anything for you, Sis!"
Stay tuned...the blog is back!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Second Most Important Day

So if you don't know by now that our daughter is getting married, then you just don't know us! The past several months have been consumed with wedding decisions. EVERY SINGLE DAY... (I think it's beginning to drive J nuts but don't tell him that I know.)

Of course, as you have probably figured, we are crazy enough to also be her photogs! YIKES! WHAT ARE WE THINKING? Ok, we will have a little outside help, but still, this is NUTS! Although I am sure you understand, there's nothing in me that could just put my daughter's second most important day of her life in the hands of just any here we go!

But now I want to share a really cool story.

Check out the tree. This tree has grown beside the creek for more years than most of us have been alive and has obviously experience the love of many.

While I was working hard to focus on just four little carved letters an older aged gentleman carrying a fishing pole and a cup of coffee walked up. He watched for a moment then stated that it's ridiculous at what folks have done to that tree. Being the nature lover and protector that I am, I thought about that for a moment before I responded. "Yes, all those carvings are pretty ridiculous. But the part I was photographing was not represents my daughters wedding day, the second most important day of her life." He stepped a little closer and took a second look through the bottom of his glasses as to be glancing into their very lives. I continued to explain that those were their initials carved into the bark by her future husband.

"Ah...well then, if that is her second most important day, what is her first?" he asked. I was happy he asked that question, because I had just been thinking about that when it was just the tree, my camera and me.

The most important day came one spring morning when she was a little girl and first said "yes" as she took the hand of Jesus Christ.

Sipping on his coffee he shook his head in acknowledgement of the fact. He wanted to carve a cross into the tree on the other side of their initials, but neither of us had a knife. Chuckling, I reminded him that tree carving is ridiculous anyway, right? In reply he stated, "Well, sometimes it is ridiculous, but this time it is special". Wow...what a cool concept.

So, this is a good opening to Sarah & Josh's engagement shots. We are still working on the actual engagement gallery of Sarah & Josh, but I wanted to post this pic and share the story.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Piano House

Driving a skinny and winding rural road I became quite board at seeing the same country scenes of beautiful barns and white or black fences. I was beginning to feel I had ventured too far off the main road so thought I had better turn around past the upcoming curve and head back toward civilization. I am glad I continued through that curve or I would have missed it!

I didn't know these kind of places still exist! It took a couple of glances for me to realize that I had just found my subject! I dubbed this place "The Piano House" because of the old deteriorated upright piano that obviously has been there for many years.

The nephew of the deceased owner lives next door in a double wide mobile home and was eager to greet me and my camera. He was an old hunched backed and toothless black man whom I imagine has not made his way off that land in centuries, but none-the-less was very interesting to visit with. I never got his name but can't forget his smile.

The nephew lived in the house with his aunt and 6 others for 12 years of his boyhood and the piano belonged to his cousin who loved to play and sing.

For years the piano sat in the front bedroom and had a beautiful sound as long as his cousin was not singing to the tune. Apparently the cousin thought she had vocal talent, but the rest of the family was convinced she was, in the nephews words, "deaf to da tone". The old man chuckled as he mentioned that no one ever told her how terrible she made church hymns sound for fear of being beat by his aunt who was her mother. But he was sure she's singing REAL GOOD now that she's in heaven with the lawd.

The old hunched back man was fun to listen to. I shared with him my images through the preview window of the camera. He had no clue that camera's could do "all that" and that his aunt's house could look so good!

If you have not gotten out of your world lately may I encourage you to do so? It's amazing at what's just down the road. The time spent at The Piano House took me a million miles away and what seemed to be many years in the past.

I needed that hour of vacation. Maybe I will go again soon.